NEW! Twelve weeks. Bible-based. Pastor-led. Church-centric. Measurable growth.

Majoring in Men Foundations is a twelve-week online training that is the most widely-used, time-tested men's discipleship model in the world. Proven to increase momentum, finances, volunteers, outreach, and church health.

What does a measurable, sustainable, reproducible ministry to men do for you?

Recapture time

Increased discipleship solves problems and increases church health.

Reach the community

Meet the needs around you with a brotherhood of faithful volunteers.

Attract new families

Break the growth plateau by launching a local men's movement.

Twelve Weeks for Proven Results

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Quickstart: Your Pathway to Success

Discover how discipling strong men increases salvations, growth, workers, giving, and helps build your personal influence and effectiveness.

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Preparing: Benefits of Men’s Ministry & Overview of Tools

Learn the three core elements that must be included for effective discipleship. How to build a tribe of men who will stick together.

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Preparing: How Do I Start?

Learn how to choose the right men to get started. Learn the vital clues for discovering leaders, and how to recruit and keep them.

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Preparing: For the Pastor

Learn how to disciple men who do the work of the ministry. How to help men find their identity in Christ.

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Planning: Patterns for Powerful Men’s Meetings

Ministry to men takes planning, prayer, preparation, perspiration and perseverance but with the right strategy adapted to your church culture, lives change.

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Planning: Planning Major Men’s Meetings

Seven steps for event success and seven details to nail down. Decision, dedication, discipline, details. How to end so that men will return.

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Planning: Anatomy of a Great Meeting

Create meetings at the right time and place that attract men and build community. The three things a presenter must do.

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Practices: Building Your Men’s Group Administration and Finances

Manage the calendar and adapt discipleship to your own culture. How to communicate hard truths with the grace of Christ.

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Practices: Commissioning Men to be Ministers to Men

Honoring men who accept responsibility and put away childish things. What it does for them and their families.

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Practices: How Not to Kill a Men’s Ministry

The number one way to succeed, and the top five ways to fail your men. Overcoming the five main objections.

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Principles: Your Life as a Leader

Avoid rules and ensure the Holy Spirit changes you and your men from the inside out. Ten principles of leadership.

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Proofs: Why All This? Why Do We Need a Men’s Movement?

Be motivated by the love of God and the love of people to fulfill one mission, bringing men to Christ.


Twelve 20-minute Ministry to Men Videos
Twelve In-Depth Study Notes
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Relevant and affordable for every church


“We launched Majoring in Men in our church and did exactly what they showed us. We had always had a passion for discipling men, this gave us the pattern. The curriculum has built strong men. I know my men have my back, they're involved and investing. We have four campuses and our strong men are now impacting the city.”

Pastor Dwayne Pickett, Ph.D., New Jerusalem Church, Jackson, Mississippi

“We now have more volunteers than volunteer positions. We have had to double up men throughout the church. It was our faithful MIM men who came out week after week to clean up our community after the last hurricane.”

Men's Pastor John Bowman, Lakewood Church, Houston

“Starting out with no active ministry to men, by implementing the tools in the Launch Kit, within four months, we had a steering team, active monthly men's meetings, weekly Bible studies run by laity, plus our men on their own started hitting the altars to pray for me and the men of our church. We're not going back!”

Pastor Jeff Greenway, Reynoldsburg UMC, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

“After several attempts to engage men, we started doing exactly what the MoMENtum Guide said. We had a great men’s event then started the men through the books and workbooks. Within a year, we had doubled. We continually increase in men. The church has never been stronger. We are pumped!”

Men’s Pastor, Greg Jones, Grays Harbor Foursquare Church, Aberdeen, Washington

Relevant and affordable for every church